Apartment from the primary market. What to pay attention to and the advantages over the secondary market.

21 - 10 - 2023

When deciding to purchase your own four walls, you are faced with a multitude of significant decisions. Should it be a developer’s house or a previously used one? Bustling city center or a somewhat quieter but commuting-demanding suburb? Apartments from the primary market come with several undeniable advantages that are worth considering when choosing your future abode.

The Pros of Buying an Apartment from the Primary Market

One undeniable advantage of a developer’s property is the value of your investment. New constructions, while naturally requiring a larger financial input, tend to retain their value relatively well over time. This makes it a reasonably secure way to invest your funds. Additionally, there’s a greater likelihood of obtaining a mortgage.

The quality of the property itself is also a significant factor. Spacious and functional interiors, modern fixtures, and often unique, designer features are all characteristics of apartments from the primary market. The latest advancements in construction technology are not merely for visual appeal; they enhance ergonomics and usability. Standard amenities, such as dedicated parking spaces, are also provided.

Starting from scratch in furnishing your home grants you full control over the overall decor. While this does have its drawbacks, such as the time and resources needed for personal decoration, the ability to create a space that entirely reflects your long-held visions seems well worth it.

Another factor favoring primary market apartments, which is often lacking in the context of used properties, is the durability of the solutions implemented, backed by the developer’s warranty. Opting for a home that has just been made available for use means you can, to a certain extent, free yourself from the looming prospect of imminent renovations.

Is Buying an Apartment from the Primary Market Worth It?

Although the choice of the type of house you acquire remains a matter of individual preference, the long list of advantages that come with choosing a developer’s property undeniably makes it worth considering.

Image by gpointstudio from Freepik