What to Pay Attention to When Buying an Apartment?

21 - 10 - 2023

A transaction under time pressure is not a good idea because it leads to the omission of important issues. Many people wonder what to ask the owner and what to check before buying an apartment, so this post will address all your doubts.

What to Ask When Buying an Apartment?

Let’s find out from the owner what costs to expect for average water and energy consumption. Utility costs vary because their amount depends not only on the size of the family but also on the location of the apartment. If we plan to settle in a more expensive neighborhood, the rent may ultimately become too high, and in that case, the transaction may not be advantageous for us.

The reason why the apartment is being sold is also important. Don’t be shy about asking this question because it can be invaluable guidance for us. This will allow us to check where the property comes from or what its condition is—that is, how long it has been in use or whether it is inherited. Owners often decide to sell due to the development of nearby projects or debt issues, so it’s worth moving on to the next point at this moment.

What to Check Before Buying a House?

Above all, the legal status, specifically the land and mortgage register of the property – access to it can be obtained by asking the owner for the land and mortgage register number. Thanks to it, we can analyze all the legal information, such as whether the apartment is encumbered with a loan or transferred to third parties. Of course, some information may be hidden, so it’s worth knowing that there are institutions that protect us from concealed claims.

A good course of action is also a visit to the housing cooperative or community to make sure if renovations are planned for common property or if there are no arrears in payments to the property manager. Let’s also ask if anyone is registered in the selected apartment—the owner should provide us with the appropriate document. This way, we won’t be surprised by unplanned tenants.

In summary

The purchase of a property requires not only substantial financial resources but also time for necessary activities to verify its condition. If we’re pressed for time, it’s worth seeking the help of specialists, specifically a real estate agency in Warsaw like Villa Mia, which will assist us.